Ashburn: Weight Loss Product That Naturally Burns Fat

Breakthrough Ashburn Discovery for weight loss triggers automatic brown fat burning mechanism

By Emily Finkle |

(ET Insider News Today) - Sam Malone has come up  with a product that could revolutionize the weight loss industry.

Malone developed the formula after his then obese mother developed diabetes and barely survived a heart attack. She had tried all kinds of diets and workout routines, and in spite of her best efforts and him digging through everything he knew to help her, she couldn’t drop the weight.

Her life was at stake and he felt helpless. He knew there had to be a better option than surgery, yo-yo dieting, or starving herself. So he set to work, using one part science, one part plant based medicine that has been used for thousands of years. What he came up with was Pro Burn Keto ACV Gummies.

“I don’t recommend any products that I’m not 100% sure will work for my patients. This is something that has brought my patients unmatched results for weight loss. I’ve never seen anything like it in my career..” - Dr. Andrew Kresser, M.D., FACS

Remarkably Sam has invented a new delivery formula that can trigger our bodies built in fat burning mechanisms, making our bodies burn fat much faster.

While there are a number of "supplements" on the market that are claiming to help with weight loss, Sam has created the first breakthrough product that has been able to put this breakthrough technology to use with real people. Sam made sure the all the ingredients and the product overall was approved and safe for human consumption.

Once it was approved for production, Sam’s mother had tried everything but believed in her son and insisted on trying it. Sam was scared at first, he really wanted it to work and believed in the science, knowing deep down it was safe, but with his own mother he was reluctant.

He finally agreed, and she tried it.

Her success was so dramatic that she thought her scale was broken at first.

Within several months, after trying everything else on the market and considering taking out a loan for an expensive weight loss surgery, she was a healthy weight and was happy with the way she looked. She couldn’t remember feeling that way since before high school.

She cried tears of joy, thanking her son for his breakthrough product which had changed her life.

In order to test validity of Sam's product, a volunteer agrees to test the it. Meet Kathy Rhodes, a 54-year-old mother of 3 who jumped at the chance to test this product.

Kathy is a 54-year-old, who had been struggling with obesity since high school. We had to wait 2 weeks before we got a bottle to test as it was sold out almost everywhere we looked. We had her track her progress for the test.

What were the results?

Week 1

“I took the recommended dose each day and basically forgot about it. About 2 days later, I was feeling great, but hadn’t really done anything differently. I weighed myself and to my surprise I was already lighter. In the past I had been killing myself doing all kinds of workouts and struggling to cut foods. I would be walking inside a shopping mall and usually I would have been feeling fatigued, hungry, thinking about everything I wanted to eat.

This felt effortless. I was absolutely fine. It was a hopeful feeling and I became really curious for what would happen next”

Week 3

“Over the next few weeks I started to feel better and better, and the weight was dropping off constantly! I found myself bouncing out of bed and felt ready to take on the day - usually I need to hit the snooze button at least a couple times. I felt motivation like I had not felt in years. I had higher levels of energy constantly, rather than the ups and downs I was used to!

In just a few short weeks, I could already SEE and FEEL the difference.

I was shocked at the drastic results.”

results may vary

Week 8

“After a couple of months, not only had all my doubts and skepticism absolutely vanished - My weight had dropped so much that I looked and felt like a different person. I had an increasing issue finding clothes that fit and realized I had to start shopping or soon nothing would fit me.

I wasn’t sure if I was imagining the progress, it all felt too good to be true, until I had coffee with a friend I hadn’t seen in a few months and she had a look of complete shock on her face when she saw me.

She assumed I’d had lipo suction or gastric bypass surgery, she couldn’t believe I’d changed so much. When I told her it wasn’t surgery she assumed I must be living in the gym or starving myself to make such a difference.

I was almost embarrassed to tell her that it was really easy. It felt like I was putting in no extra effort, and yet the weight was dropping off every day.

I had no idea anything could make this big of a positive difference in how I look and feel. I am so grateful to Sam for letting me give these  Pro Burn Keto ACV Gummies a try!”

Are Pro Burn Keto ACV Gummies Right For You?

For virtually everyone who wants to lose weight in a healthy way, the answer is:


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Sam Malone explains why Pro Burn Keto ACV Gummies is so effective for weight loss:

Pro Burn Keto ACV Gummies formula could help with:

  • Help Burn Fat as the primary source of energy
  • Enhance energy and strength
  • Increase the speed of metabolism
  • Deliver nutrients to muscles at a faster rate
  • Boost Adipocytes production of Leptins, which decreases your appetite
  • Help eliminate bad toxins that have built up over the years

He explained the scientific breakthrough that makes this both safe and effective:

The Fat Blocking Code

Now, you’re probably wondering...

...What Is The Fat Blocking Code…And How Does It Work?

It’s the reason many people like yourself struggle to lose weight. Even after all the dieting and exercising.

It’s all based around the hormone:


Basically, Leptin is a hormone in your body that helps regulate your appetite.

This hormone sends signals to your brain when your body is full.

However, because of “leptin resistance”, that signal doesn’t reach your brain.

This results in you eating more even though your body has had enough food!

What the New Fat Blocking Code does is it fights against leptin resistance.

This then triggers the signals to your brain that you’re full. In addition, it triggers signals to speed up your metabolism, that your body doesn’t need to store any more weight.

It’s that simple:

It helps fix leptin resistance, so your body correctly tells signals when you’re full and sheds fat instead of storing it.

It makes weight loss virtually effortless!

results may vary

So you too can block fat gain and lose lots of weight in a month’s time. But…

...What If You Have A Slow Metabolism Or Struggled With Weight Gain All Your Life?

Don’t worry.

Even if you have a slow metabolism. Even if you’ve struggled to lose weight all your life. Or even if just want to drop lots of fat before a big wedding or event coming up.

The New Fat Blocking Code handles that with ease.

Take 62 year old Gerald for example.

He was someone who struggled with a slow metabolism all his life. He’s an easy weight gainer.

However, when he tried this New Fat Blocking Code, his metabolism got so fast. Now he can eat pretty much whatever he wants.

And still stay in shape!

Look at Gerald go down from 225 pounds to 210 pounds within a month:

results may vary

Then there’s Mary, 58, who wanted to lose weight for her daughter’s big wedding day.

While she only started following the New Fat Blocking Code 5 weeks before the wedding, she was able to drop 5 dress sizes!

See how Mary was able to drop down from 180 pounds to 165 pounds in record time:

results may vary

And there’s also Stan, 49, who was overweight most of his life. He too had a slow metabolism.

Once he followed the New Fat Blocking Code, he was able to fit into his old clothes from his 20s.

results may vary

Talk about a transformation!

Imagine being able to find into that suit or dress you haven’t worn in years. Or what it’d be like to look slim and fit in all your new pictures.

The New Fat Blocking Code can make all your weight loss dreams come true.

Your Weight Problems Are NOT Your Fault

It wasn’t Sam’s mother’s fault…

And it isn’t your fault either.

This Could Be The Last Diet Solution You’ll Ever Need!



You won’t experience only short term results.

And in case you were wondering…

They were able to keep the weight off after.

But you better hurry, because this new could run out fast!

Imagine if you were able to get this mineral before the current batch runs out? There’s a good chance…

You could fit into those jeans you haven’t worn in years.

You could eat whatever you want again…

...and not have to worry about your weight.

And you’ll just be a happier, skinnier you!

So how can I try it?

There are countless diet gimmicks out there these days, and most of them are high in cost and low in giving you real results.

So we were skeptical…

Could this Fat Blocking Code break through really be this effective?

Seeing the results first-hand in our cases studies as well as others results, is what turned us from skeptics into believers.

We can't deny it: This stuff really works and Eco Health News is happy to officially recommend it!


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